• The Quick Action That's Needed When Your Dog Is Hit by a Car

    Being hit by a car is quite obviously going to be a traumatic event for your beloved dog, as well as for you (particularly if you witnessed the accident). By taking quick, decisive action, you can ensure that your dog gets the treatment that they need. So what do you need to do when your dog is hit by a car? Keep Them Calm Speak to your dog in an effort to keep them calm.
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  • 2 Points to Know if You Suspect Your Dog Has Been Bitten by a Snake

    Summer is almost over, which means very shortly Australia's snakes begin their hunt for somewhere to hide during winter hibernation. Each year, thousands of dogs accidentally get bitten by snakes that pets encounter while they are out and about playing in the grass. Long grass and piles of stored wood or rubbish piles are two places snakes love to hang out as the season changes. As a new dog owner, do you know the symptoms of a snake bite so you can take emergency action if needed?
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