The Quick Action That's Needed When Your Dog Is Hit by a Car

Posted on: 25 October 2017

Being hit by a car is quite obviously going to be a traumatic event for your beloved dog, as well as for you (particularly if you witnessed the accident). By taking quick, decisive action, you can ensure that your dog gets the treatment that they need. So what do you need to do when your dog is hit by a car?

Keep Them Calm

Speak to your dog in an effort to keep them calm. The sound of your voice can have a soothing effect.

Beware of Bites

Even the friendliest of dogs have the potential to bite out of fear when they have undergone such trauma. If you have a muzzle for your dog, put it on. A belt can also be a substitute for an actual muzzle. Do not use a muzzle if your dog is not breathing, or if they are bleeding from their face. In this case, you simply need to exercise extreme caution and be ready to pull away if your dog lashes out.

The Blanket

You will need to keep your dog warm after the initial trauma, so wrap them in a blanket. This can also make the dog more comfortable when you need to pick them up in order to move them. Be very careful when lifting your dog, using enough pressure to securely hold them, without squeezing them too tightly, as this can exacerbate their injuries.

Contact Details

Have a friend or family member with you look up the telephone number for the nearest vet, ideally one with an animal hospital. This might not be your usual vet, but in an emergency you will need to visit the closest available vet.

Into the Car

Gently place the dog in the back seat of your vehicle. A friend or family member should sit in the back with the dog in order to gently hold them in place if the dog should attempt to get up during the journey.

Contact the Vet

Call the vet while you're on your way. Specify that the case is an emergency, as this allows the vet to make the necessary preparations before you arrive. You should also give details of the accident, if known. If the vet you're travelling to is not your regular vet, inform them of the place where you ordinarily take your dog. This allows them to get additional information and your dog's medical history if needed.

Don't Forget

Even if your dog gets up and walks away after a collision with a car, you should still take them to see a vet as soon as possible, even though the situation might not constitute an emergency. There can be the possibility of internal injuries which will need to be treated to prevent them from becoming life threatening at a later stage.

By taking the necessary quick action, hopefully your dog will have a speedy recovery and will be back to their old self before you know it.


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